Conch Venture Hejin Haichuang Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project Successfully Realized Grid-connected Power Generation
Date:2021-12-17 From:海螺创业

        Hundreds of birds compete with each other, and those who overcome difficulties will be the first to overcome difficulties. At 15:18 on December 15, 2021, with the strong support of local governments at all levels and the overall coordination of the company, through the joint efforts of commissioning units, participating units and all employees of the company, Conch Venture Hejin Haichuang Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project The successful realization of one-time grid-connected power generation, the project officially entered the production and operation stage, marking the official commissioning of Conch Venture' s first waste incineration project in Shanxi Province, and will play a positive role in the construction of ecological civilization in the Yellow River Basin.


One-time grid-connected power generation success

        The Hejin Municipal Domestic Waste Comprehensive Treatment Project is one of the “12321” key projects in Hejin City, and also the “1311” major project in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. It is a major livelihood environmental protection project in the southwestern part of Shanxi Province. The project is located in Senglou Town, Hejin City, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. It covers an area of about 85 acres. It has a daily scale of 500 tons of domestic waste and 45 tons of kitchen waste. The total investment is 289 million yuan. Simultaneously supporting the construction of related environmental protection facilities such as flue gas treatment, leachate treatment, ash treatment, etc., the domestic waste treatment scope covers the whole of Hejin City and surrounding areas, and the annual treatment of urban and rural domestic waste is about 166,700 tons, and the kitchen waste is 18,000 tons. The power generation is about 68 million kWh. After the project is put into operation, it will completely solve the problem of domestic waste terminal treatment in Hejin City and other places, turn domestic waste into treasure, and truly achieve "harmless, reduced, and resource-based" waste treatment, and realize economic and social benefits , Ecological benefits are unified.


The project was officially signed on November 16, 2019

        In the face of a series of difficult tests such as tight project construction time, heavy tasks, few personnel, and insufficient experience of the construction unit, Conch Venture Hejin Haichuang focuses on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and project construction on the other, carefully organizes and coordinates, and rationally allocates resources. The construction is in progress. Always adhering to the construction concept of creating high-quality projects, strictly control safety and quality.


The first steel frame was lifted and installed smoothly


Successfully signed a contract for the harmless disposal of food waste

        In the past two years, Conch Venture Hejin Haichuang has always attached importance to the construction of the talent system, actively introduced outstanding talents, improved the organizational structure, and comprehensively performed trial production training management, gradually improved its own production and operation management model, and improved the company’s various management levels to continue the company. Healthy and stable development provides talent guarantee.


The first truck of garbage enters the factory smoothly

        Set sail on a new journey, set sail again. All employees of Conch Venture Hejin Haichuang will not forget their original aspirations, continue to practice the business philosophy of "creating a beautiful home for the future of mankind", and are committed to making this project a benchmark for urban and rural waste treatment, fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, and taking practical actions Repay the society, strive to improve the living environment, benefit future generations, contribute to the construction of ecological civilization in Hejin City, and add luster to Damei Hejin.