Conch Venture and Leshan Municipal Government successfully signed an investment agreement for the new energy southwest manufacturing base project
Date:2022-01-16 From:海螺创业

        On January 14, 2022, Conch Venture, Sunway Co., Ltd. signed the "New Energy Southwest Manufacturing Base Project Investment Agreement" with the Leshan Municipal People's Government and the Leshan High-tech Zone Management Committee. Ma Bo, Secretary of Leshan Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, Guo Jingbin, Chairman of Conch Venture, and Li Guangsheng, Chairman of Sunway Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Chen Guanghao, Deputy Secretary of Leshan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the signing ceremony.


        Li Jian, deputy general manager of Conch Venture, Fang Yong, deputy general manager of Sunway, and Xi Daijin, deputy mayor of Leshan Municipal Government, and Wu Jinpu, director of Leshan High-tech Zone Management Committee, signed the contract on behalf of all parties involved. Jiang Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Leshan Municipal Party Committee, Zhao Yingchun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Tan Yan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Working Committee of Municipal Organs and heads of relevant units, Shumao, Director of Conch Venture, General Manager of Conch Environmental Protection, and Jin Jin, Chief Financial Officer of Sunway Co., Ltd. Xi and others attended the signing ceremony.


        In his speech, Ma Bo pointed out that at a critical moment in Leshan City to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 6th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Economic Work Conference, and the spirit of the 10th Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee Economic Work Conference, the conch Entrepreneurship and Sunway Co., Ltd. successfully signed a new energy base project investment agreement, which is of great significance and far-reaching influence, and will contribute to the construction of Leshan City's "Green Silicon Valley of China" and the construction of a modern industrial system. It is hoped that all parties to the contract will take this as a starting point to start a new journey of cooperation, expand new fields of cooperation, and upgrade new levels of cooperation, so as to jointly promote the high-quality development of green and low-carbon advantageous industries in Leshan. Leshan City will continue to provide full-process, all-round and full-cycle service support for enterprise development and project construction, so that Laile-invested enterprises can share the development trend, the beauty of landscapes, the charm of humanity, and the advantages of the environment in Leshan to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. developing.


Ma Bo, Secretary of the Leshan Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech

        Guo Jingbin expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Leshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Leshan High-tech Zone and the partner Sunway Co., Ltd. for the successful cooperation of the project, and briefly introduced the basic situation of Conch's entrepreneurial development. He said that based on the national 3060 dual-carbon grand goal, vigorously developing the new energy industry will become a major strategy for the new round of energy revolution, and the power energy storage battery industry will usher in an excellent development opportunity. While expanding and strengthening the main business of environmental protection, Conch Venture quickly entered the new energy material track, actively deployed the lithium-ion battery industry, and sought development opportunities for the material industry in the upstream and downstream industrial chains. The annual output planned and constructed in Wuhu City, Anhui Province is 500,000 yuan. The first phase of the cathode material project of high-performance lithium iron phosphate new energy battery has been started. At the same time, the first set of CKB lithium battery recycling project in China, which is technically "first in China and leading in the world", has entered the production test stage. This time, the joint investment and construction of the new energy southwest manufacturing base project in cooperation with Sunway, a leading enterprise in my country's special cable industry, is a major decision for Conch Venture to optimize the strategic layout of the new energy industry and accelerate industrial development. The project will lead the vigorous development of Leshan's new energy materials industry with a high starting point, high standards and high requirements. The signing of the contract is only the first step of the long march. We sincerely hope that the Leshan Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and the Leshan High-tech Zone will continue to give strong support in project approval and construction and engineering construction. All preliminary work of the project, and strive to achieve early start, early production, and early results!


Guo Jingbin, chairman of Conch Venture, delivered a speech

        In his speech, Li Guangsheng said that vigorously developing the new energy industry is an inevitable requirement and an important way to achieve the national "dual carbon" goal. Combined with the goal of building a world advanced manufacturing cluster pointed out by the Eighth Party Congress of Leshan City and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee , the construction of a new energy manufacturing base in Southwest China is at the right time and the right time. As an enterprise growing up in Leshan, Sunway Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the leadership of scientific and technological innovation, and has been at the forefront of the industry. With superb technology, high-quality products and first-class services, Sunway has rapidly grown into an industry-leading comprehensive solution provider for high-end special cables. . This cooperation with Conch Ventures, a leading enterprise in China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry, is of great significance for Sunway to expand its industrial fields, enter the new energy industry, and accelerate the realization of higher-quality development. Leshan has an excellent investment environment and huge development potential. It is a hot spot for investment and development. With the strong support of the Leshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the Leshan High-tech Zone, Sunway will cooperate sincerely with Conch Venture to accelerate the construction of the contracted projects and realize production at an early date. production.


Li Guangsheng, Chairman of Sunway Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

        After the signing of the project, Guo Jingbin, Li Jian, Shumao, etc., accompanied by Guang Bing, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, and Li Guangsheng, Chairman of Shangwei Co., Ltd., went to the project site to conduct an on-site survey. , electricity, road construction, etc. to understand and put forward optimization suggestions; after that, the proposed temporary office and living places were inspected.


Site survey of the project site


Visit the office

        About Sunway Co., Ltd.: Sunway Co., Ltd., formerly known as Star Cable Co., Ltd., was established on July 7, 2003 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 7, 2012, stock code: 603333, November 6, 2018 Renamed Sunway Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Leshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Sichuan Province.

        Sunway has built two intelligent manufacturing bases in Sichuan and Anhui. It has successively introduced more than 500 sets of first-class production and testing equipment from Germany, France, Switzerland and other places. It can manufacture cross-linked cables with rated voltages of 500kV and below, and cables for nuclear power plants. , cables for rail transit, cables for photovoltaic and wind power generation, cables for military aerospace and aviation, cables for offshore oil platforms, etc. 38 series of products with tens of thousands of specifications and models. The company's self-developed 1E-level cable series for nuclear power plants has been recognized as "international advanced level", and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a national innovative pilot enterprise. strong enterprise.